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How To Turn Your Twitter Feed Back Into A Real Timeline (Finally!)

Twitter users rejoice! (Wow, that’s a sentence no one’s read in a while.) The newest twitter update (rollback?) brings back the one functionality that more people have wanted on the platform than just about anything else.     It started with … what else … a tweet. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey retweeted what he thought was a… Read more »

A Guide to Real-Time Reports in Google Analytics in Under 5 Minutes

Google Analytics is a tool that can provide you with invaluable insights into what’s happening on your website, your traffic levels, the engagement of your users and the success of your marketing campaigns.  To a newcomer, however, the tool can be a bit overwhelming.  Where do you even start?  What should you be looking at?… Read more »

10 Reasons Facebook Ads Beat Boosted Posts

We get asked all the time – “Why is making ads better than just boosting posts?”  It’s a great question and one that merits a little examination. If your business is posting on Facebook, you’re getting a regular popup: “This post is performing x% better than similar posts. Would you like to boost it?” That’s Facebook’s… Read more »

Xcite-ing News: We’re One of Denver’s Top Digital Agencies!

Digital marketing and creating an online presence is no longer optional for any business that wants to compete in the modern day marketplace. It is essential. However, finding the right company to partner with can seem like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack. You need a company that is talented, stays up-to-the-minute on… Read more »

What Are Google Posts?

  Have you heard of Google Posts? They are a new addition to content you can create as part of your Google My Business page. Google has chosen to not make a big deal out of Posts at the moment, so information is fairly limited. This is what they have said thus far: “Posting on… Read more »

The Facebook and Google Analytics Tracking Problem

“Why aren’t the numbers I’m seeing in the Facebook Ads Manager lining up with the numbers I’m seeing in Google Analytics?” This is a question that we are getting almost daily now.  You have the Facebook pixel installed on your site, you’re using UTM tracking parameters for Google Analytics, but the numbers just never seem… Read more »

How To Tell If It’s Time To Invest in Display Advertising

It seems everyday becomes increasingly more difficult for companies to reach out and find their target audience.  In this multi-device, always-connected world, consumers are distracted and more fragmented than ever before.  There seems to be new ways to try to combat this challenge of disengagement through various channels like mobile, social, geofencing, programmatic, content marketing,… Read more »

Google Announces Significant Changes Coming To AdWords

Spring is always a time of new beginnings and for the last couple of years, it’s the time Google has chosen to announce updates or changes to its ad platforms.  In 2013, Google announced Enhanced Campaigns, which introduced a new way to build campaigns and did away with the practice of creating separate campaigns for… Read more »

The Business of Branding

Who are you as a business, and what sets you apart from the competition? Coming up with the answers to these questions can be a bit overwhelming, but while we completely understand your challenges and frustrations, we strongly urge you to push through the pain and truly define yourself as the unique enterprise that you… Read more »

The Xcite Group named among Top Web Design Firms of 2016

Today, The Xcite Group was named by Washington-based B2B research and review firm Clutch as one of the top web design firms for 2016.  The research Clutch performed is based on over a dozen quantitative and qualitative factors, including company experience, client list, industry recognition, client reviews, and market presence.  Today, Clutch has published its findings on web… Read more »