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What Are Google Posts?

  Have you heard of Google Posts? They are a new addition to content you can create as part of your Google My Business page. Google has chosen to not make a big deal out of Posts at the moment,… Read more »

Google Pigeon Update Ruffles a Few Feathers

The unofficially labeled Google Pigeon Update, was released late July 2014 in the US has left many ruffled feathers in its wake. Google’s most recently released algorithm was designed to deliver more accurate and useful local results (associated with Google… Read more »

What You Need To Know About Google My Business

Yesterday, Google launched one of its most substantial local business products to date.  It’s called Google My Business.  This shows a significant investment by Google in the local business space and sets the foundation for Google local business for the… Read more »

Do You Measure Your RoR? (Return on Reviews)

The world of Digital and Internet marketing is changing every single day.  There are things we do as “marketers” every single day.   We would have never even dreamed of doing some of the things we do today five years ago. … Read more »

Xcite Office has Google Business Photos on Google+ Local

View Larger Map What are Google Business Photos, you say?  The Xcite Group now has a virtual tour of our office that you can walk through and see our place.  It’s a pretty amazing technology and we are extremely “Xcited”… Read more »

Where Has Google Places Gone?

    Last week I wrote about the introduction of Google’s Knowledge Graph, a monumental change in the way we will search. This week, Google again dominates my thoughts with the roll out of their Google+ Local Pages. For the… Read more »

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How Do I Get To 100% Complete on my Google Place Page?

Google doesn’t tell you what to do to get your profile on Google places complete, they just keep reminding you that it’s not done.  It is very important for your overall internet marketing strategy that this is one of the… Read more »