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Get Results

Digital marketing should be about one thing only Getting Results.

In order to be successful, your marketing plan must be strategic, integrated across multiple platforms and built with your target users’ motivations and behaviors at the forefront of decision-making.  If executed correctly, your marketing can provide valuable insights into how your users move through the customer journey path thus providing a roadmap for resource and budget allocations.

It’s easy to get mired down in the software, technologies and intricacies of digital marketing; however, the focus should be on one thing, your audience.
At our core, The Xcite Group focuses on two things:

  1. Leveraging your existing audience
  2. Finding new audiences

In looking at these two audiences, the goal is to analyze each of these audience types, existing and new, on a scale of their behavior to their actual engagement with you.  The next step to getting results is to design a strategy around how we leverage your existing audience and how we need to target a new audience.

With any digital strategy, there are four variables that we can influence.

  1. Audience
  2. Positioning
  3. Value Proposition
  4. Conversion

The “Audience” is a concept we’ve already discussed.  How do we leverage your existing audience and target a new one.

“Positioning” is where we actually show up for those audiences.  What position on the page of results are we showing up?  Is it the sweet spot for us?

“Value Proposition” is all about us getting the audience to click on us.  What is our click through rate of our ads?

Lastly, “Conversion” is simply our audience doing what we want them to.  We work to define what conversion means to you and measure whether or not our audience is converting on our end goal.

No matter what actual strategy is put in place, these four variables are where we work with you to focus our efforts on meeting your goals. Modern digital marketers are posed with a new set of challenges in delivering measurable results with limited resources. We understand these challenges and we partner with you to help your company reach its business objectives. Our team of expert digital marketing resources is your team.


We help our clients to realize the full potential of their pay per click (PPC) campaigns by offering a customized full-service and fully transparent approach to PPC management.  We believe PPC is an integral part of any SEO strategy and thus we define your Internet marketing strategy as Search Engine Marketing, an active combination of PPC, SEO and social media marketing.


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In the past, the goal was to focus on keywords and gaining rank on the SERP’s. Today, you should be focused on your brand’s reputation. How do people engage with your company? Focusing on the quality of your products or services.  It’s no secret that SEO is an industry that is ever-changing. What is shocking is how many people don’t evolve their tactics to match the evolution of the search engines. You must focus on getting out of the “old” ways of thinking and evolve in order for long-term success.


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We specialize in designing websites that are SEO friendly and appealing to a visitor’s sense of style. We can redesign websites, create in-depth ecommerce websites, help you do some website maintenance on your existing site and build new custom websites.  The Xcite Group creates interactive web solutions and online marketing strategies. Developing an effective Internet strategy requires a combination of understanding the goals for your website and the knowledge of how your visitors interact with your website.


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