FAQ Videos

Your customers and prospects have questions.  Today, we have the ability to demand answers to our questions from any number of devices we have with us, at any moment.  Frequently Asked Questions videos are a great way to share your knowledge and expertise in your field by answering your most frequently asked questions on camera.  These can be questions that you and your team get regularly or questions your prospects should be asking before they purchase your services or products.

Depending on the level of sophistication and detail involved in understanding what it is you do, this can be 10 to 25 questions, but they are essential in understanding your offerings.

Think about the types of people with which you work: leads or prospects, current clients, past clients, vendors or suppliers, employees, peers, supervisors … the list could go on.

Think about the questions you answer for each type of person at different phases of their relationship with your company.  A series of short videos answering the FAQs can be very helpful for you. By short, we mean one minute or less – long enough to cover the basics with a little context, but short enough to keep attention and retain viewership throughout the series.

This type of video content can be very effective and efficient for your brand. By heading off several of the questions you’re investing time in, you’re accelerating the relationship, adding value through training and education, and saving yourself time. Depending on the nature of it, this type of content may also be a nice lead generator.


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