Marketing The Here And Now

Truth be told, most people don’t love online ads, yet there is something that is consistent — there are ads that are more liked than others. As consumers, we prefer ads that are relevant to our interests, and that speak with intent in a given context. Consumers want you to be right here, right now, with the right intention.

When we as marketers make a personal appeal to our target audience, we aren’t merely showing ads, we are being truly helpful. This is how we approach all of our custom designed marketing strategies, by putting the consumer first. With so many different ways to deliver ads to an audience, and (almost daily) changes to search behaviors, by putting the user first we’re keeping up with your consumer’s expectations and making sure that your advertising is efficient and effective. 

Using context and intent signals, we’re able to focus on the right ads, at the right times.

We provide truly useful content that solves the problem your audience is searching for, at exactly the right moment.

Searches for things that contain “near me,” “open,” “now,” and “can I buy” are growing exponentially year after year, where Google cites growth to be over 500% in recent years.  These searches are as much about need as they are about place. Whether it’s a painting contractor or a restaurant, impatient consumers want things in the moment they need them – which is usually “now.” For us as marketers, this means we need to make sure we’re giving people the answers they’re looking for as quickly as possible. And your reward? Capturing their consideration, and meeting a new loyal client.

Location Based Advertising (LBA)

Location-based mobile advertising (LBA) uses native GPS-targeting technology to pinpoint exact consumer location at any given time. It enables us to serve location-specific mobile advertising to the right person, at the right place and time, in order to drive traffic and sales. We’re obsessed over targeting accuracy, relevancy, and tracking; plus we care about your pocket and won’t ever waste your ad spend even by a meter of misattribution.

OTT & CTV Advertising

OTT and CTV are still television, it’s just even better than you’ve ever imagined! For consumers, it’s a different way to watch television and movie content across many different types of screens, with no cable or satellite subscription required (think Netflix and Hulu). For advertisers, it’s an innovative way to reach a new, unique audience. With an ever-growing viewership (over 70% of households in the US alone), this type of advertising is definitely an important one to consider for any business.


Today’s consumer engages with brands in many different ways, over many different devices in their moment of need. It’s our job to meet them in that moment and do our best to be truly helpful by providing solutions to their needs. We believe that remarketing is an ideal tactic to employ in every business, in any industry. At its core, remarketing is about your audience, meeting them where they are, and working to continually stay in front of them.

The Xcite Group - General Awareness Display Campaigns-image of various computers and devices


There are multiple types of display advertising, but essentially display is all about the right placements at the right times. It’s also about being compelling, concise, and clear. The key to success here is to make your ad stand out by using an eye-catching design, and clear calls to action (CTA).


Do you know what it’s actually costing you as an advertiser on search engines to drive your ideal customer? Does the dollar amount you’re spending to drive that customer make sense? At Xcite we choose to manage your campaigns by CPA (cost per acquisition), instead of CPC (cost per click) so that there is much more control on your return on investment.