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Right Placements, Right Times

In your marketing strategy, your focus shouldn’t be on whether or not you are behind your competition or if you’re behind in technology. Your focus needs to be on one thing — You are behind your consumer.  Search behavior continues to change, almost daily.  We need to be sure we are keeping up with consumer’s expectations.

Most people don’t admit to loving online ads, but there is something that is constant — there are ads that are more liked than others.  As consumers, we prefer ads that are relevant to our interests and speak to our intent and our given context.  Right here, right now is where consumers want you to be.

When we, as marketers, make a personal appeal to our target audience, we aren’t merely showing ads, we are being truly helpful.

Today, there are a many different ways that we can deliver ads to our audience; however, if we want our advertising to be efficient and effective, we need to put the user first in our strategy.

Searches for things that contain “near me”, “open”, “now” and “can I buy” are growing exponentially year over year.  Google cites growth of over 500% in the last two years.  These searches are as much about need as they are about place.  Whether it’s a painting contractor or a restaurant, impatient consumers want things in the moment they need them – which is usually “now.”

Using context and intent signals, it’s important that we focus on the right ads, at the right times, with truly useful content that solves the problem your audience is searching for.

The challenge for us, as marketers, is to make sure we are giving people the answers they’re looking for as quickly as possible. The reward is capturing their consideration — and a new loyal client.


Location Based Advertising (LBA)

There are other options out there for Location Based Advertising, but none live and breathe Local like we do. We obsess over targeting accuracy, relevancy, and tracking. A misattribution of mere meters can mean thousands in wasted ad spend. Not with us. Maximize ROI with granular targeting – accurate down to a meter. The Xcite Group has a unified advertising platform that gets your ads to the right people.

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OTT & CTV Advertising

OTT stands for “over-the-top” and CTV stands for “connected television”.   Both of these terms refer to the delivery of film and TV content via the internet, without requiring users to subscribe to a cable or satellite pay-TV service like Comcast or Direct TV.

Advertising on these platforms is the process of serving digital video on an internet-enabled device during TV content, giving viewers an experience that’s similar to watching a traditional television commercial.

Why is it important for you to consider OTT & CTV advertising?  As of April 2017, 69% of people in the U.S. owned at least one connected device that they use for streaming.  In fact, there is a drastic increase in “cord-cuuters” who are eager to try new TV services.

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Simply put, remarketing is a tactic that allows you to show ads to people who have previously engaged with your site or searched for the solutions that you provide.  You show targeted ads to a defined audience that has either been to your website or searched for what you do as they browse elsewhere around the internet.

Remarketing is an ideal tactic to employ especially where your sales process may be a little more drawn out and competitive or if it generally takes visitors to your site a few visits before they convert.  When executed correctly it can be a powerful tool to improve conversion numbers and raise your brand identity in a very cost effective way.

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