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What Are Google Posts?

  Have you heard of Google Posts? They are a new addition to content you can create as part of your Google My Business page. Google has chosen to not make a big deal out of Posts at the moment,… Read more »

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How To Tell If It’s Time To Invest in Display Advertising

It seems everyday becomes increasingly more difficult for companies to reach out and find their target audience.  In this multi-device, always-connected world, consumers are distracted and more fragmented than ever before.  There seems to be new ways to try to… Read more »

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Google Announces Significant Changes Coming To AdWords

Spring is always a time of new beginnings and for the last couple of years, it’s the time Google has chosen to announce updates or changes to its ad platforms.  In 2013, Google announced Enhanced Campaigns, which introduced a new… Read more »

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Google discards right-side desktop ads – Is the sky falling?

Beginning last Friday, February 19, Google rolled out the changes from its long-running test in which is removing Adwords ads from the right side of the desktop search results page.  In lieu of the right-side ads, Google will show up to four ads… Read more »

Google Testing New Mobile Search Layout

As of last week, Google appears to be testing a new layout for mobile search results.  Search is obviously something that Google is very thoughtful of when it comes to design. Even seemingly tiny changes can cause a big impact… Read more »

What You Need To Know About Google My Business

Yesterday, Google launched one of its most substantial local business products to date.  It’s called Google My Business.  This shows a significant investment by Google in the local business space and sets the foundation for Google local business for the… Read more »

Google Launches New Google Partner Program

On October 2nd, Google announced Google Partners, an umbrella program meant to consolidate all of the company’s other agency programs under one roof. Google already supported ad agencies with a number of programs like Agency Edge, Google Engage, and its… Read more »

How Does Google Search Work?

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Web Spam team, explains how PageRank is used, crawling timelines, frequencies, priorities, indexing and filtering processes within the databases.  From crawling, indexing to ranking, he gets into a brief overview of how Google’s search engine… Read more »