Customized Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Knowing which avenues to take and which outputs to concentrate on are important in any digital strategy, but before we can put together a robust marketing strategy for your business we need to have a better understanding of your current competitive landscape.

At Xcite, we take digital strategy seriously, and we’re an agency whose mission is to help small and medium size businesses succeed online. We take the time to deep dive into your business, get to know your needs, wants and business goals, and then design a custom digital strategy that reflects all of these elements. In order to achieve the best ROI, we work with each one of our clients closely so that we make data driven decisions that benefit your business. 

What’s made us really good at what we do, hands down, is our team. The family of people who make our team are the ones who care most about our clients, and truly value your success over revenue. We always tell the digital truth and advocate for your business online. If you’re ready to level up your digital strategy, then we’re eager to hear from you.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect when we work together:

1. Analyze What You’re Currently Doing
Our team will take a look at the current state of your online marketing strategy; including your website and it’s architecture, messaging, content strategy, target personas, discoverability in the search engines, competitors, social engagement, marketing technologies used and more. Our goal is to document our findings into an easy to understand set of recommendations. 

2. Create A Customized Digital Marketing Plan
We use our findings from our analysis of your current state and create a roadmap for your digital strategy. The goal is to drive all digital strategies to help you attain your business goals. Together, as a team, we will collaborate to determine responsibilities and implementation plans based on your resources and budget. 

3. Implementation
This part means that we spell out the plan and the responsibilities of each of our teams. With full transparency and visibility, implementation of your digital strategy means we’ll achieve our goals through a solid team effort between us. 

4. Measure, Analyze and Refine
Digital marketing is a constantly evolving game and we embrace this ‘science’ of marketing through analysis of all the data available. Once we match that with our ‘art’ of marketing through testing and measuring the outcomes, we can determine the appropriate mix of marketing elements that produce the results we want to achieve your business goals. We always adjust as needed and hone in on increasing focus depending on what the results show us.