Creating Websites That Blend Style And Functionality

At Xcite, we build and design professional, highly functional, responsive, mobile-ready websites that accurately represent your brand, and provide your audience with an excellent user experience while browsing your site. A great website can help your business grow. Our websites perform exceptionally well in digital marketing campaigns; they help your potential clients find what they’re looking for, and successfully convert these users into customers.

Following the design process, we begin to build your responsive site by literally writing code using proportion-based grids, flexible images, and CSS media queries telling the site how to adapt to every type of device. Typically built using WordPress, our highly skilled team of developers will build your website based on the following:

Discovery & Strategy

  • Research the needs and expectations of visitors looking for your business
  • Research keyword effectiveness
  • Analyze competitors in your geography
  • Flawless user experience

Search Engine Friendly Creation

  • Structure effective navigation for usability and search engine awareness
  • Create proper meta-tags for unique title and descriptions for each page
  • Create content rich with keywords and content that is properly aligned with relevant information for potential website visitors
  • Use of alt tags for pictures and navigation points

Compelling Landing Page Design

  • Use all the latest technology including CSS3/HTML5
  • Successfully connect with your visitors by providing the relevant and necessary information to convert those visitors into customers
  • Create multiple points of interaction
  • Successful landing page design leads to higher conversion rates
  • Create effective calls to action throughout the website

External Optimization

  • Submit to Directory networks ad build links
  • Construct social network pages
  • Strategize, interact and monitor the “social space”