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What You'll Get Working With Xcite

  • Strong SEO
  • Highest level of security and encryption
  • Fastest Load Speeds
  • Ease of use
  • Longevity
  • Easy design changes
  • Custom Built
  • Mobile-First Optimized

Award Winners in Development

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Web Dev & Design

We specialize in designing websites that are SEO friendly and appealing to a visitor’s sense of style. We can redesign websites, create in-depth ecommerce websites, help you do some website maintenance on your existing site and build new custom websites.

Often we use the WordPress blog platform which is also our favorite content management system. Why use WordPress? Short answer; it’s powerful, agile and very easy for managing content, even if you have never heard of it. We build custom themes to suit your specific needs, and then teach you how to update and edit your own website, which is entirely free and invaluable at the same time!

The Xcite Group creates interactive web solutions and online marketing strategies. Developing an effective Internet strategy requires a combination of understanding the goals for your website and the knowledge of how your visitors interact with your website.

The Xcite Group provides internet strategy, web design and web development services based on a user-centric approach, a methodology that focuses on satisfying the needs and expectations of website visitors. With a user-centric and search engine friendly approach to website design, you can dramatically increase the number of visitors that are converted to customers.  Effective web design blends engaging visuals, proven usability approaches, and advanced web technologies to successfully connect with your audience.

Discovery & Strategy

  • Research the needs and expectations of visitors looking for your business
  • Research keyword effectiveness
  • Analyze competitors in your geography

Search Engine Friendly Creation

  • Structure effective navigation for usability and search engine awareness
  • Create proper meta-tags for unique title and descriptions for each page
  • Create content rich with keywords and content that is properly aligned with relevant information for potential website visitors
  • Use of alt tags for pictures and navigation points

Compelling Landing Page Design

  • Use all the latest technology including CSS3/HTML5
  • Successfully connect with your visitors by providing the relevant and necessary information to convert those visitors into customers
  • Create multiple points of interaction
  • Successful landing page design leads to higher conversion rates
  • Create effective calls to action throughout the website

External Optimization

  • Submit to Directory networks ad build links
  • Construct social network pages
  • Strategize, interact and monitor the “social space”

When we do both your website development and your internet marketing, we make sure both processes go hand in hand for an effective campaign strategy that utilizes landing page design to convert visitors into customers.  Let us develop your entire online package to bring you the most business we can.

To learn more about how our search strategies and website development services can enhance your online marketing, contact The Xcite Group today.

Why We Use WordPress

At The Xcite Group, we use the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) platform as the foundation for all our website projects. WordPress began as a blogging platform, and has grown to become regarded as the most powerful and easiest CMS, allowing you to add, change, and manage your content. It is used by 31.% of the top 10 million websites as of April 2018 according to W3 Techs Web Technology Surveys.  WordPress dominates Google’s SERP with 583,000,000 results.


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When it comes to design, we typically believe in the adage “less is more.” We design each website – no matter how big or small — to convey even the most complex concepts with visual simplicity. We help our clients tap into their target audience by visually translating their ethos, products, and services into an elegant, highly functional design. We begin every project with a kickoff meeting, where we immerse ourselves into your business, understand your goals for the website, browse through examples of what you like and don’t like, and come up with a preliminary plan for how to design your website.

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Web Development Process

Our goal with every website is to exceed your expectations and to deliver a site that you can maintain all on your own going forward.

With The Xcite Group as your web development partner, you can rest assured that you’ll own a new website with cutting-edge design and functionality. You’ll be proud to show it off to prospective clients and will love how it performs as part of an Internet marketing campaign.

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Responsive Design

When we build a responsive site, we literally write code by using proportion-based grids, flexible images, and CSS media queries telling the site how to adapt at each possible screen size. So, as the browser window shrinks, so does the site, re-prioritizing the content, images, and pieces of the website as deemed by the client. Whereas a large, beautiful homepage image slider may be prominent on a desktop version of a website, it’s far less important on a mobile device. So, we may opt to remove the slider and move details more pertinent to a mobile user to the top of the screen.

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