Most people think of social advertising as a disruptive format intended to market to people who have no idea who you are and quite possibly don’t have any interest in learning about you. That’s just not the case. Social media for business is about advertising, but now it takes advertising to a whole new level, offering something that previous advertising strategies haven’t allowed for – audience targeting.

Never in history have we checked-in six times a day (on average) just to say what we’re doing and what we like. With this new data set, social media advertising is about gathering insights, creating audiences, effectively targeting, measuring results, then refining and doing it all over again (even better than the last time). Social media advertising is insightful in a way that we haven’t been able to be in the past. It will help you find your people, literally.

Every major social platform has advertising at the center of what they do, and we have expert know-how in getting you seen by the audiences that you want. Xcite always advocates for the success of our clients, and this means putting your business ahead of the game on social media platforms too.

Here are some of the ways we’ll put your business in the lead:

  • We combine your social advertising with your search advertising.
  • We match your business goals with the most effective of over 40 different types of social ads for each platform.
  • We create campaigns that are optimized for site traffic, conversion, and lead generation.
  • We measure and report on all of your ads, going far beyond delivering Likes to demonstrate true, dollar-for-dollar ROI.

When you’re ready to target an audience that is interested in your products and services, we’d be happy to chat about how social media advertising can help your business achieve its goals.