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What We Do

At The Xcite Group, we work with companies who have invested in their websites but are frustrated that they are not producing the results which they had hoped for.  When we started over 8 years ago, we were a pay-per-click management agency.  Search behavior has changed. The ways that consumers find websites, products, or answers have expanded from traditional search engines to include myriad social networks, content sites, and apps.  This traditional search model is even further disrupted by smart devices, machine learning, artificial intelligence and context-aware content.

Users now find with the help of multiple sources, not just through search engines.  Users have become so comfortable searching and discovering online that they employ their own methods and weave together personal paths of discovery that lead them to what they’re looking for. To ensure that marketers are “findable” across all different types of devices and media, The Xcite Group believes that the search marketing philosophy must shift the scope of its work from merely buying paid search ads and conducting SEO projects to enabling true brand discovery.  The practice of collecting users engaged in all forms of digital discovery.

This won’t be easy. Most of us have been marketing on search engines for over a decade and are no strangers to success — the need to expand the oft-effective strategies doesn’t feel quite pressing to most search marketers who hardly struggle to meet their search-engine-centric goals. And sure, they’ll continue to meet their search engine goals but will miss out on incremental benefits if they continue to ignore the opportunity that lies for them across other types of discovery media.

It goes beyond paid search and search engine optimization to include word-of- mouth, social channels, location based advertising, television, or any other medium that helps users find information. Because the consumer decision path is driven by information found on evolving platforms, marketers must consider cross-platform strategies and highly integrated campaigns.

In order to be successful, your marketing plan must be strategic, integrated across multiple platforms, and built with your target audience’s motivations and behaviors at the forefront of decision-making. If executed correctly, this can provide valuable insights into how users advance through the consumer decision path — thus providing a roadmap for resource and budget allocations.

But where and how to start?

With the furious rate that new technology and platforms arise today, it is very easy to get caught up in discussions on whether or not these “new” things matter or how much of an affect they have.  For these reasons, businesses need to be guided by data and analytics.


Get Results

In order to be successful, your marketing plan must be strategic, integrated across multiple platforms and built with your target users’ motivations and behaviors at the forefront of decision-making.  If executed correctly, your marketing can provide valuable insights into how your users move through the customer journey path  thus providing a roadmap for resource and budget allocations.

At our core, The Xcite Group focuses on two things:

  1. Leveraging your existing audience
  2. Finding new audiences

We can help you focus on these goals through Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Web Development.  Read more about how we help you Get Results!

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Stay Ahead

Our marketing strategy needs to be a living, evolving part of our everyday efforts to adjust and adapt to these changes and how the audience we are trying to target is searching.
At the heart of our strategy should be 2 things:
1.  Context – device, location, time
2.  Intent – what people want

The goal for marketers, then, is figuring out the consumer’s intent — what the consumer wants or plans to do at that moment or in the future.  We must market to where our audience is today and always be listening to where they are going tomorrow.

The Xcite Group helps you stay ahead by making sure your complete digital strategy (search, local, social and your website) works together to win these moments that matter.

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Create & Engage

Everything that happens in the online space has been born out people’s behaviors, needs and wants. People are essentially the same as they have always been, but the world in which we live today has changed drastically. We connect at any time and from anywhere using a variety of devices, and we seamlessly transition between them.

We have to create content that truly engages with your consumer.  Content that matches up to what your users need to see.  Building content and ad messaging that comes from truly listening to what your audience is looking for and then being able to engage with them.

Success comes when you are able to bypass complacency, when you maintain curiosity, when you aren’t afraid to try new things and especially when you’re not afraid to fail.

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Right Placements, Right Times

Most people don’t admit to loving online ads, but there is something that is constant — there are ads that are more liked than others.  As consumers, we prefer ads that are relevant to our interests and speak to our intent and our given context.  Right here, right now is where consumers want you to be.

When we, as marketers, make a personal appeal to our target audience, we aren’t merely showing ads, we are being truly helpful.

Using context and intent signals, it’s important that we focus on the right ads, at the right times, with truly useful content that solves the problem your audience is searching for.

From behavior to engagement, there are a number of different channels we want to consider in our ad strategy.  The challenge for us, as marketers, is to make sure we are giving people the answers they’re looking for as quickly as possible. The reward is capturing their consideration — and a new loyal client.

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