Blending Science & Art With Customer-Focused Digital Marketing Services

We enable true brand discovery which means that we practice collecting engaged consumers from all forms of digital discovery. We’re an agency whose mission is to help small and medium size businesses succeed online. We take the time to deep dive into your business, get to know your needs, wants and business goals, and then design and execute an effective digital marketing strategy.

At Xcite, we take our digital canvas very seriously because the science and art behind digital marketing is constantly evolving. Going far beyond paid search and SEO, the consumer decision path is driven by information found on evolving platforms, which means we must stay on top of the latest search engine products, features, techniques, and algorithm changes to ensure your success. Services like Pay Per Click Campaigns, Social Media Marketing Campaigns, Search Engine Optimization, Website Development, Geo-Fencing Campaigns, Programmatic Media Buys (OTT, CTV), and many more, are all vital parts of keeping you ahead of the game and successful online. To achieve your goals, it’s your marketing plan that must be strategic, integrated across multiple platforms, and built with your target audience’s motivations and behaviors at the forefront of decision-making. If executed correctly, this can provide valuable insights into how consumers advance through their unique decision path, providing a roadmap for resource and budget allocations.

We’re a client driven agency with a high retention rate. We’ve excelled because we tell the digital truth, we’re 100% transparent and we value client success over revenue.

Who We Service

As a full-service digital marketing agency with over 10 years of experience, our knowledge is not industry specific or vertically specific. We work with people who want us to get involved and take their business seriously.

Whether your focus is B2B or B2C, you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company, we take the time to learn about your business, its needs and its goals. Our portfolio consists of businesses who choose to work with us because we advocate for their success and not just because we pitch great ideas. From health and wellness to mortgage loans, realtors, lawyers, and outdoor adventure companies, we’re hands-on in offering fully customized digital management solutions that focus on your success. 

How We Do it

We want you to be satisfied with the time and money that you invest in your digital marketing, and we want your business to succeed online. So that we achieve the results that you want, we create an incredible mix of a great team who get to know you and your business, then we craft and implement a solid plan in perfect symphony. Discover all of our creative elements through each of the stages below.

The intricacies of digital marketing – technology tools, software, know-how – have become so complex that many people get rightfully overwhelmed. For us, digital marketing is our core business and we know that a successful marketing plan is strategic, integrated across multiple platforms, and built with your target users’ motivations and behaviors at the forefront of decision-making. Learn more about how to leverage your existing audience and how to target a new audience here.

With so many tools at our disposal to market ourselves, knowing which avenues to take and which outputs to concentrate on is what’s most important for any digital strategy. We thrive when given the challenge of figuring out consumer intent and context – what the consumer wants or plans to do at a specific moment or in the future. For us staying ahead is about making sure that your digital strategy is looked at as a whole so that each part is ready to triumph in the moments that matter most. Learn more about how to keep your business ahead online.

Everything that happens in the online space has been born out of people’s behaviors, needs and wants. Because we’re connected all the time, from anywhere, and using a variety of devices, we have to create content that truly engages with your consumer, and your digital strategy needs to be constantly evolving everyday. Learn more about making your marketing relevant to your audience.

Ads need to be relevant to our interests, speak with intent in a given context, and be in the right place at the right time. With so many different ways to deliver ads to an audience, and (almost daily) changes to search behaviors, at Xcite we master this art by putting the user first and being truly helpful to them. Learn more about how to keep up with your consumer’s expectations and how to make your advertising efficient and effective.