Creating A Social Media Campaign

Who is really interested in your product? What do they like? What are their circumstances? As business owners, you spend so much time and money thinking about marketing to the ‘right people,’ but are you even sure who they are? And we’re not talking just about age, gender, and if they’re outdoor enthusiasts. From location, demographics, interests, behaviors, and connections to options for exclusions, there are several ways to refine your audience and ensure that you’re only reaching people who are more likely to convert on your product. 

In the world of marketing, very few methods are as effective for campaigning as social media is. Once we’ve designed a strategy tailored to your needs, we take the guesswork out effective campaigning by identifying three main audience categories:

  1. Core Audiences – We learn who your audience is & how to speak to them.
  2. Custom Audiences – We reach your most valuable audience.
  3. Lookalike Audiences – We harness the power of all we’ve learned.

At Xcite, our social media marketing campaigns are geared toward the most effective mechanics for getting your business in front of qualified audiences, including cross-platform participation. We create custom campaigns, giveaways, offers, and contests for all of your social media properties according to what is best for your business. We only use the latest software for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Instagram, allowing us to consider every option for reaching your most qualified audience, gaining the most participation, and spreading your brand’s message far and wide.

We work with you to plan every detail from timing and implementation, to participation and reporting. If it’s time to up your game on social media, let’s sit down and talk and see how we can help.