Movie stars, professional athletes, marketers, and journalists all have content marketing in common; and good content marketing is always about telling a really great story!

What content marketing actually is, is the creation and sharing of online materials like blog articles, videos, white papers and social media posts. This content is educational, not promotional; it does not specifically promote your brand, but is intended to engage and drive interest to your products and services. Your content marketing should answer questions like:

What does your audience care about?
How can you be the one to provide something no one else is?
How can you go from being just a product or service to a brand people embrace?

Answering these questions starts with crafting the story you want to tell your audience. With an honest story and great content, you will become an authority resource on topics that matter to you and your potential customers. What this means for your business is that it’s more likely to get discovered by the right audience and earn their trust and loyalty. This then enables your brand to strengthen its customer relationships by growing an active and engaged audience, which in turn increases your bottom line of conversion and profit. 

At Xcite we approach your digital marketing strategy as if it is a living and evolving organism. We get to know your brand, your story, your business goals, and then translate this into rich content that accurately reflects who you are and how you stand out to your audience. When creating content for our clients we always take these three things into consideration: 

1. Authenticity and truth in storytelling is of utmost importance. Being transparent and truthful breeds trust with your audience. Our motto is face the truth and embrace it.

2. Audiences are constantly evolving. Devices, platforms, and channels are transforming consumer expectations, which in turn impacts the marketing landscape.

3. Conflict creates tension and it keeps an audience engaged and involved. Stories always become richer when they achieve the unexpected.