Customized Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing, also known as pay per click (PPC), allows businesses to bid on targeted keywords on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing in order to drive relevant traffic to their websites via click-throughs. Savvy digital marketers know how to incorporate advanced strategies and complex algorithms to ensure that your return on investment (ROI) is maximized.

At Xcite we help our clients realize the full potential of their digital marketing campaigns by offering a customized full-service and fully transparent approach to digital marketing management. Whether your focus is B2B or B2C, you’re a small company or a Fortune 500, we offer customized digital marketing solutions that focus on your business’ success. 

Search engine marketing is an integral part of any digital plan and we design our strategies with an active combination of PPC, SEO and social media marketing. Working with us means:

  • We offer full transparency of your campaigns.
  • Flexible & Customized to meet each individual client’s needs.
  • Conversion and call tracking down to the keyword level.
  • We manage all search, display and social media advertising campaigns in our single, intuitive interface.
  • Effective search marketing campaigns include a well researched account build, landing page selection & optimization, reporting and tracking and ongoing campaign optimization meetings with our clients to increase quality scores and conversion rates.

Using our tool set and award-winning web technology, we manage your ads and conversions transparently, and help you to determine the best digital strategy to make your business grow.

Here’s how we do it:


We know that every company we market has their own identity and their own measure of success; they also use different metrics to determine their success. For us, search marketing strategy is very simple – maximize results for the least investment possible.


We design effective paid search campaigns that target your ideal client at the opportune time with a relevant message. Being able to effectively track the evolution of your desired market’s buying habits will not only improve your paid search performance, it will also affect every marketing decision you make for your business.


Effective reporting and tracking is absolutely the most important ingredient of any successful search marketing campaign. At Xcite, we analyze your account’s performance through many different tracking and reporting metrics and work with you to ensure that we’re making the best decisions on how to optimize your marketing efforts.


A common challenge when choosing a company to market your business online is understanding their fees and what exactly you are paying for. Tracking and reporting advancements now allow you to see exactly where your money is being spent, and we sit down with you every month to discuss what you’ve spent and exactly where your money has gone.

Paid Search Optimization

If you want to maximize your website’s performance, it’s going to take ongoing, data driven, adjustments to your campaigns; things like measuring keyword effectiveness, conversion rates, improving quality score, and creating interactive experiences. Don’t worry though, we’ll analyze your performance, identify points of improvement, and help you to reach your business goals.

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