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Search Engine Marketing

The Xcite Group helps our clients to realize the full potential of their pay per click (PPC) campaigns by offering a customized full-service and fully transparent approach to PPC management. Whether your focus is B2B or B2C, or your company is a small company or a Fortune 500, we offer customized PPC management solutions focused on your success. We believe PPC is an integral part of any SEO strategy and thus we define your Internet marketing strategy as Search Engine Marketing, an active combination of PPC, SEO and social media marketing.

  • We offer full transparency of your campaigns
  • Flexible & Customized to meet each individual clients needs
  • We manage all search, display and social media advertising campaigns in our single, intuitive interface
  • Effective search marketing campaigns include a well researched account build, landing page selection & optimization, reporting and tracking and ongoing campaign optimization meetings with our clients to increase Quality Scores and conversion rates.
  • Conversion and call tracking down to the keyword level

Our tool set is an award-winning Web technology for advertising and getting found on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Facebook. With the assistance of our software, we can manage all of your search and social media advertising in a single, intuitive interface. We will track conversions across Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter (Bing) and Facebook Ads transparently to your site and help you determine the best strategy to make your business grow.

Search Marketing or pay per click (PPC) allows businesses to bid on targeted keywords on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing in order to drive relevant traffic to their websites via click-throughs. Savvy PPC marketers have learned to incorporate advanced strategies and complex algorithms to ensure they maximize their return on investment (ROI).


Our Search Marketing strategy is very simple; maximize your results for the least investment possible. There are many different metrics that our clients use to determine success, but all of their expectations lead to this simple requirement.

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One of the largest benefits of running a paid search campaign is the amount of data you are able to learn about your market, and how your prospective clients wants and needs will change based on many factors including seasonality and economic climate.

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Effective Reporting and Tracking is absolutely the most important ingredient of any successful Search Marketing campaign. At The Xcite Group, we will analyze your account’s performance through many different tracking and reporting metrics and work with you to ensure we are making the best decisions on how to optimize your marketing efforts.  We have to find a way to adapt to today’s consumer journey and rethink the way we measure success.

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A common challenge when choosing a company to market your business online is understanding their fees and what exactly you are paying for. This is especially an issue when hiring a company to manage your paid search campaigns because a large portion of your investment will go directly to the search engines.

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Paid Search Optimization

Paid search optimization is defined as managing, testing and fine-tuning your paid search campaigns in order to improve performance.

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10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring Your Internet Marketing Firm

Hiring a search agency is a big decision. Here are the top 10 questions we would ask an agency BEFORE hiring them.

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