Social Media Marketing – Our Unique Approach

There was a time when social media marketing was separate to the rest of your digital marketing, but not anymore. 

Social media must be incorporated and strategized together with your overall customized digital marketing strategy; there needs to be a cohesive plan with a detailed road map, including the most effective participation tactics and in-depth reporting. At Xcite, we start by very deliberately putting social media advertising at the center of every social media strategy. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and all the rest of the main social media platforms now all but require businesses to pay for their promotional content. This is hugely beneficial for companies if they know how to plan, participate, and analyze those efforts.

As your full-service digital partner, we take the guesswork out of how effective your social media marketing is. Our 100% transparent process allows our clients to see (dollar-for-dollar!) exactly what their social media marketing is achieving. Combining the use of industry-leading software, strategic partnerships with companies like Facebook and our close ties to Google in search marketing, we create strategy, campaigns, and reporting that unify your digital marketing strategy so that they both inform and benefit from each other.

Social Media Strategy

There are so many different tactics and ways for businesses to participate in social media that it becomes utterly overwhelming. At Xcite we get results for your business by putting advertising at the center of your social media marketing strategy and achieving the goals you want for your business.

Social Media Advertising

Social media for business is about advertising, period. It’s all about creating a strong advertising strategy, implementing ads in the most effective ways possible, and measuring the results. Our team knows how to put your business ahead of the game on social.

Social Media Campaigns

Marketing campaigns on social media are highly effective, and our campaigns are always geared toward getting your brand in front of qualified audiences. We use the latest software tools, and work with you to plan every detail.