At The Forefront Of Digital Marketing With Xcite

No matter what the industry, there is no denying that technology and the ever-growing digital landscape has become vital to how we conduct business day-to-day. With so many tools at our disposal to market ourselves, knowing which avenues to take and which outputs to concentrate on is what’s most important for any digital strategy. Yet, before we can put together a game plan, we need to better understand the playing field.

With billions of searches conducted every day globally – where approximately 18% of them are brand new searches (queries that have never been processed before) – people are constantly seeking relevant, dynamic and detailed information. Just as new technologies and new devices change and evolve, so too does the way we seek out information; thus, we must continuously find ways to be more effective and efficient in our quest for knowledge.

So what does that mean for digital marketing? It means that your marketing strategy needs to be looked at as a living, evolving part of your everyday efforts and able to adjust and adapt to change based on how your target audience is searching.

At the heart of our strategies are 2 things:

1.  Context: device, location, time
2.  Intent: what people want

Our goal is to help you attain both of these. By making your marketing relevant to your audience’s intent and context, we will always win in this evolving, constantly connected world.

At Xcite, we thrive when given the challenge of figuring out consumer intent and context – what the consumer wants or plans to do at a specific moment or in the future – and this means that we’re able to provide you with a personalized and effective strategy. For us staying ahead is about making sure that your digital strategy is looked at as a whole so that each part is ready to triumph in the moments that matter most.

Google Analytics & Better Measurement

In the past, purchase paths were relatively simple to measure; today, there’s a huge selection of devices, channels and content to choose from across multiple platforms. Accurately measuring what’s happening on your website, your traffic levels, the engagement of your users, and the success of your marketing campaigns has become an art form! Thankfully, and with the help of Google Analytics, we’re able to gain valuable insights that make all the difference when implementing digital strategy.

How We Do It

Before we can put together a game plan, we need to better understand the playing field, and this means knowing which avenues to take and which outputs to concentrate on. At Xcite, we have a very unique approach to designing and implementing digital strategy.

Steps for Successful Strategy Implementation

Consumers have everything at their fingertips. New touch points, better experiences, new devices, smarter information and faster delivery – they want everything right here, right now, and from any device they choose. In the world of strategy, this means that the customer journey is incredibly complex and even overwhelming for most businesses to even think about. We understand these complexities and continuously evolve and renew our knowledge.

We’re a Premier Google Partner Agency

As a Premier Google Partner Agency, we are a digital marketing company trusted by Google. Having the Google Partner badge means that we are recognized as a company that excels with Google’s products, our business is healthy, our customers are happy, and we engage in Google’s best practices.