One of the largest benefits of running a paid search campaign is the amount of data you are able to learn about your market, and how your prospective clients wants and needs will change based on many factors including seasonality and economic climate. An effective paid search campaign will target your ideal client at the opportune time with a relevant message. Being able to effectively track the evolution of your desired market’s buying habits will not only improve your paid search performance, but should also affect every marketing decision you make for your business. At The Xcite Group, one of the largest benefits to our clients is our commitment to being 100% transparent with the performance of your campaigns. We will sit down with you each month to analyze your campaigns performance and strategize how to move forward based on market data we have previously compiled. Here are a few benefits to our clients of our tracking capabilities:


If you were an HVAC company, would you send a direct mail piece advertising your latest air conditioning specials in December? Of course not; so why would your Google Adwords campaign contain air conditioning keywords during the winter? By effectively tracking your prospective clients’ buying habits, we are able to closely pinpoint when, during the year, your market stops searching for air conditioning and starts looking for a new furnace. This allows us to eliminate non-performing keywords and adjust your budget to focus on what your market is currently looking to buy.


Is the revenue you realize from all of your clients the same? If you are like most business, the answer to this question is absolutely no. However, many paid search campaigns advertise a pre-set group of keywords regardless of the revenue generated by each keyword. At The Xcite Group, we will listen to your business needs and tailor your keyword campaigns to closely match your goals and expectations to maximize the available revenue from each type of client.


At The Xcite Group, we will continually track the performance of keyword groups targeting individual areas of your desired market. Our advanced software combined with the expertise of our analyst team and our clients’ expertise in their business will allow us to make consistent adjustments to your advertising to maximize results.