In recent years, video has taken the digital marketing world by storm and more business owners are utilizing it to grow their businesses and promote their brands online. 

So if you haven’t already, now is the time to invest in creating versatile videos and branding them for your business. At Xcite, we offer a wide variety of video content to help you grow your online presence, build trust, and get more leads!

Profile/Branded Videos

Seen as more genuine when compared to traditional ads, a video profile introduces personality and gives a face to your company and can be posted on Youtube, Instagram/Tiktok, and even on your website blog page.

Branded video marketing content does not directly advertise or promote your brand but aims to monetize on the positive association, rather than self-promotion. So, while the branded video is not a traditional ad or marketing promo, it often shares the same end goal of driving your audience to action. 

With the growing popularity of digital video, brands must find fresh, effective ways to reach their customers. Branded video content helps businesses break through the noise and win the attention and loyalty of prospective buyers. 

Testimonial Videos

Genuine, believable, and more authentic than a written testimonial on your website.

This will assist companies in gaining social proof and is one of the best ways a brand can ensure that they have an effective presence across the digital landscape. 

Testimonials are some of the most important and influential forms of marketing today. Testimonials in video format capture and illustrate the emotion, essence, and experience of a satisfied individual in a truly powerful and immersive manner.

Video testimonials can be created in multiple formats and with different goals in mind, including:

  • General praise of a company or brand
  • Specific comments about a product or service 
  • Compliments to a particular staff member or an employee with whom the customer interacted 
  • An emotional connection that a customer or an employee has with your brand, and how or why he/she is loyal to your company

Scripted Ad Videos

These videos attract 2-3x as many monthly visitors and double your customers’ time on your website. 

Where scripted videos make sense:

  • Commercials
  • Animated video
  • Explainer videos
  • How-to videos

One significant advantage of a pre-scripted video is that you have more control over the message you want to convey to your audience. Since everything is done ahead of time in the pre-production meetings, the messaging, timeline, and all other details are already laid out.

FAQ Videos

By answering questions in the form of video, you’re saving yourself time and accelerating a relationship with your audience.

FAQ videos are particularly valuable further in the customer journey where potential customers are looking closer at specific products or services to determine which is the best choice for them. These types of FAQ videos make it easy for prospects to understand the specifics of your services, products, and company values.

By providing existing and potential customers with easily digestible pieces of video content that answer very specific and often important questions, you can provide them with the information they need to feel confident in purchasing what you have to offer.

Custom Projects

Our creative team can help produce custom video projects anywhere in North America.

When you incorporate video content into your marketing strategy, you can expect more engagement, more time spent on landing pages, and higher conversion rates.

At Xcite, we make video production simple and hassle-free. Having partnered with the industry’s leading video production companies, we provide an easy online video portal along with dedicated producers for you to work with. We will take care of strategizing, production, delivery, and approval, we create business videos of all types. If you are ready to incorporate video marketing into your business, we are here to help! Schedule your free consultation now.