How effective would your company’s advertising be if you knew exactly what your prospective client typed in a search engine when they decided to call you? What if you could see which of your currently running specials instigates the most calls? What if you could listen to every call your advertising drives to see why someone either becomes your customer, or why they don’t? Imagine how much more efficient your advertising campaigns would become if you could answer all of these questions!

Effective reporting and tracking is absolutely the most important ingredient of any successful search marketing campaign. Any company you hire to manage your paid search campaigns will be able to provide basic reporting including, CTR % (click thru rate), CPC (cost per click), phone call recording, and some level of keyword performance. 

While we will absolutely provide you with the same reporting, we pride our company on taking reporting and tracking to the next level. At Xcite, we analyze your account’s performance through many different tracking and reporting metrics and work with you to ensure that we’re making the best decisions on how to optimize your marketing efforts. If you’re considering working with us, here are some of the reporting capabilities you can expect when we market your business:

Conversion Tracking

You’ll see what turns your website’s visitors into customers. Instead of spending hours sorting through data, you’ll be able to make smart decisions based on our real-time recommendations. 

Using our cutting-edge technology, we will be able to help you identify what search terms result in bringing you new revenue, and make funding decisions based on conversions, not just traffic. We help you to determine where your efforts are most effective so that you put your budget into campaigns that attract actual customers. 

Tell us what you define as a conversion, and we will be able to track that conversion back to what your potential customers actually searched. Whether you define a “conversion” as a phone call, sign up, contact form or e-commerce revenue, we will track them all separately and be able to recommend how to focus the spend of your digital advertising dollars to be most effective.

Phone Call To Keyword Reporting

With our cutting edge tracking, we will be able to narrow down exactly what words someone is typing in on the search engines that leads to phone calls for your business. With this data, we are able to hone in on your budget and make the most effective use of your money, while delivering ROI.

Path To Conversion

Our patented path to conversion technology allows you to see exactly what is being searched on the internet that is bringing you more revenue and new customers.

Path to conversion reporting provides detailed insight into which channels combine to deliver conversions and the sequence of clicks that the consumers take before buying.

  • Understand common paths consumers take before converting
  • Justify spend on early funnel marketing
  • Tailor messages to the consumer’s buying cycle

Multi Variant Testing

Test various ads and landing page combinations to maximize campaign performance.  Multivariate testing is currently an area of high growth in internet marketing as it helps website owners to ensure that they are getting the most from the visitors arriving at their site. 

Areas such as search engine optimization and pay per click advertising bring visitors to a site and have been extensively used by many organizations, but multivariate testing allows internet marketers to ensure that visitors are being shown the right offers, content and layout to convert them to a sale, registration or the desired action once they arrive at the website.