You are ready to compete and win against larger competitors? In this case study, we are focusing on a client of ours that is a small and family-oriented veterinary clinic located in Colorado Springs. They approached us intending to hire new veterinarians to expand their team. Still, they faced the challenge of competing nationally with larger clinics that can afford to pay out big signing bonuses. Our client needed to compete for those hires without the exorbitant signing bonus. How does a small veterinary clinic compete with big companies? 

The Idea

Xcite’s team embraced the challenge and created a custom funnel that targeted the geographic locations of top veterinary colleges. They designed a campaign showcasing life and work in Colorado as well as the benefits of working for the family-oriented clinic. The Xcite team worked with our client to create a story for each potential applicant including a video, customized landing page, social ads, and YouTube’s Trueview platform. 

  1. Video Creation

As video is a strong digital marketing tool, Xcite created a video to showcase the working environment at the client’s veterinary clinic. The video contained imagery that connected the ads to the landing page and was branded with the company logo and colors. The team wanted potential new hires to see and feel what working in their specific environment is like. 

  1. Dedicated Landing Page

A customized landing page experience was essential to match the visuals in the video and ads. Xcite web developers added a fun and personal letter from the practice manager at the clinic to give potential new hires a feeling of transparency and familiarity with the staff. The landing page provided them with a glimpse of what it is like to work there and an opportunity to get to know the people they will be interacting with on a day-to-day basis.

  1. Social Ads

In social ads, Xcite was limited by special ad category restrictions set up by Facebook. This meant they had little flexibility in who was targeted. However, they were able to target men and women between the ages of 18-65, living in four specific geographic locations surrounding the top veterinary schools. The ads ran from August-Jan and saw video plays at 100% 51,989 times through that period. This high number of video plays suggests that the campaign was well-produced and effective in reaching potential new hires. 

  1. Youtube Trueview

Xcite optimizers used the same geo settings as they did for social but were also able to target current college students who were between 18-44 years old. These ads ran from November-Jan and had 10,000 views on Youtube. This was an effective way to reach potential new hires who were likely to be graduating soon.

The Results

Xcite’s custom funnel campaign created a cost-effective, but robust solution to compete with larger clinics and attract over 10 top candidates helping the client achieve their hiring goal. The success of this campaign shows the importance of custom funnels and creative solutions in achieving clients’ goals.

The Xcite Group is a digital marketing agency specializing in supporting small and medium-sized businesses. Xcite develops a competitive advantage for customers regardless of their industry, market, or size of the competition. This case study highlights how Xcite helped a small veterinary clinic in Colorado Springs achieve its goal of hiring new veterinarians by using multiple attribution channels and creative solutions. Every client is unique, and The Xcite Group is always here to come up with custom funnels to fit the client’s specific needs for success.