Web Dev Process

The first step in developing a new website is conducting a scoping meeting so that we can learn your wants and needs, determine necessary functionality, and provide you an accurate quote. There won’t be any surprise costs because we’ve done the legwork up front to determine the level of effort required to execute the project. The quote we provide is transparent and easy to understand. We track our costs so that you have a firm cost for each piece of your site.

The next important step is planning. We will conduct a discovery meeting with you to ask questions, learn your goals and desires, and help set a plan of action for the project. Every website we design and build is a new custom website, catered just how you want it. As we tell our clients, nothing is off the table. We will work with you and your budget to build the site that you desire.


Following the discovery meeting, we will sketch out a “wireframe” or rough drawing of how the site will look, based on the details provided. Our designers will take that wireframe and develop a “mockup” in Photoshop, so that you have a clear picture of our vision for what the site will look like. We implement your logo, style, colors, and other elements to give you a sense of what the website will look like. We offer you the opportunity to provide feedback and revisions until we get the look and feel of the website the way you want it. You will receive a mockup for each unique page design required for your site, including how the page will display on various sizes of devices, such as desktop, tablet, and mobile.

It is important to nail down the design during this phase because changes are easily made in Photoshop, and much more timely to make during actual website coding. Once the mockup is approved, we move into development phase.


We’ve got the look and feel you want, and now it’s time to bring the website to life. We use all the latest  development techniques and tools to bring you a state-of-the-art website. Your site will be built optimally with Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing in mind so that it not only looks and functions great, but performs well in your Internet marketing campaign.

We populate all images, content, and meta descriptions for the site and run it through a rigorous testing and QC process prior to launch. You’ll have the opportunity to follow our development progress by visiting a preview version of the site and approving the website before we launch. We’ll never launch a site until you are 100% happy with it.

In addition, all of our websites are built with a Word Press Content Management System, so once live, you will have the ability to maintain your website without help from us. You’ll have the power to edit content, add new pages, add photos, and more, all through an easy-to-use interface, which we’ll teach you how to use.

Our goal with every website is to exceed your expectations and to deliver a site that you can maintain all on your own going forward.

With The Xcite Group as your web development partner, you can rest assured that you’ll own a new website with cutting-edge design and functionality. You’ll be proud to show it off to prospective clients and will love how it performs as part of an Internet marketing campaign.