By Laurie Riley

For those of you that are our clients, when you ask how to have the best internet strategy you have heard us say, in so many words – “Simply follow Google’s rules and create the best experience for your customer.”

And if you’ve been to our office, you also know that we like to follow some of Google’s other methodologies:  Facilitate an atmosphere for collaboration, for unwinding and relaxation – Ping Pong or Golden Tee anyone? Keep sustenance on hand – Pretzels or a sweet treat? Hazelnut latte or iced chai? We’ve got you covered.

It’s not that we’re trying to copy Google; it’s just that we think they have a pretty great way of doing things.

From nearly Xcite’s beginning, we have been spotted on Google’s radar for following their lead on how to provide our clients with successful, cohesive internet marketing strategies.  We’ve earned an award or two for doing so and the founding partners at Xcite have been invited on a number of occasions to visit Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, CA. It is with excitement and passion that they shared with the rest of the Xcite team the incredible set up of Google’s campus and inspirational individuals running the various departments that we as internet marketers, businesses and consumers interact with. Did you know there is a C level position at Google known as the CCO or Chief Cultural Officer?  “His or her main responsibility is to retain the company’s unique culture, which includes flat organization, lack of hierarchy, a collaborative environment, and generally keeping Googlers happy.”** How neat is that!

So when we saw previews for The Internship, a comedy about Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson as interns at Google, opening day was declared an The Xcite Group holiday.

The team went to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema for a 1:20 pm showing. With beverages and lunch ordered, we settled into our seats for the show. Focus group of one: I thought it was pretty funny. Vaughn and Wilson are a good team and there were more than a handful of one-liners and references that were all too close to industry-home and that each of our team members could relate to. It was fun to see the environment of Google (albeit produced by Hollywood – though the partners said there wasn’t much embellishing) and upon leaving the movie, still chuckling over “On the line…It’s ONLINE,” I had a sense of pride and privilege in being a part of something that is drawing such focus and attention – the internet – and our involvement with our partners at Google who are running it! Not to mention it, it doesn’t get much better than taking the afternoon off with your co-workers to share a beer and a few laughs!

The Internship Xcite Holiday


**Brandt, Richard L. 2009.  Inside Larry & Sergey’s Brain. New York, NY:  Penguin Group