Twitter users rejoice!

(Wow, that’s a sentence no one’s read in a while.)

The newest twitter update (rollback?) brings back the one functionality that more people have wanted on the platform than just about anything else.



It started with … what else … a tweet. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey retweeted what he thought was a cool hack.

Basically, he was promoting a way to return to Twitter’s original chronological timeline. Not only that, but he was pointing to a pretty convoluted way of doing it, hacking a workaround for something that should have never been removed from Twitter’s basic functionality.

You know what happened next.

Hundreds of Twitter users chimed in to tell @jack what had been falling on deaf ears for so long: just fix it!

And to the complete shock of the digital universe, they did.

To recap:

Twitter started out way back in the day by showing you what people were tweeting in real time.

In Q1 of 2016, the company made “recommended tweets” the default option for the timeline and there was no going back.

Until now, apparently. Enjoy the good old days.