Google Analytics is a tool that can provide you with invaluable insights into what’s happening on your website, your traffic levels, the engagement of your users and the success of your marketing campaigns.  To a newcomer, however, the tool can be a bit overwhelming.  Where do you even start?  What should you be looking at?

The reports in Google Analytics are divided into two types:  Standard Reports and Custom Reports.  The Standard Reports in GA (Google Analytics) are broken down into:

  • Real-Time
  • Audience
  • Acquistion
  • Behavior
  • Conversions

In this 5 Part video series, we will be exploring the five main standard reports inside of Google Analytics and how you can best use each report to find answers to the questions you are looking for.

In Part 1, we explore the Real-Time Reports section of Google Analytics.  The Real-Time Reports section in Google Analytics allows you to monitor the activity happening on your website in real-time, as it happens.  They can be a useful way of “taking the pulse” of your website in a specific moment or tracking the results of a marketing campaign as it unfolds.  A visitor to your website will be included in the Real-Time Reports if they have triggered a pageview or an event within the last 5 minutes.  The Real-Time Reports are broken down into six sections:  Overview, Location, Traffic Sources, Content, Events and Conversions.

Want to know what each of the Real-Time reports is and how you can best use them?  Watch the video below.  Our Guide to Real-Time Reports in Google Analytics in Under 5 Minutes.

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