Mo's Spotlight ... We're in the now so roll with it.

Y’all know Mo?

She’s 2020’s Xciter of the year yo!

She told us that she was adamant about not letting anyone give her a childhood nickname, so it’s interesting that her adamance gave her ‘Mo’ for most of her adult life. Mo’s full name (off the record) is Maurene and she’s Xcite’s Manager of Internal / External Support Team.

Mo and Mo's BFF

If you don’t know Mo, she loves stand-up comedian Amy Schumer, and might remind you of Darlene from Roseann. After 5 years of working with her, for us Mo embodies what we look for in our employees. She has a thirst for knowledge, is always willing to take on challenging projects and intuitively developed an effective and successful support team that impacts every department and customer at Xcite! Mo’s fun loving personality, inclusive approach to her colleagues and willingness to dive-right-in attitude are the reasons she was voted by our employees as 2020 Xciter of the Year.

Without further ado, the lady who wishes cookies had zero calories, and mind control was her superpower, we introduce you to our very beloved


Disclaimer: This content was created while playing Mo’s favorite old school hip hop beats. Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Dr Dre — only the best, always authentic. If Mo was a rapper, she’d call herself MiniMo or FurREAL (but shush, that’s inside scoop).

Mo sitting at a table

Hey, I’m Mo!

This Spotlight is a little bit about me.

To get started, if my 12 year old self saw me now she would ask me ‘what the heck are you wearing’, but I like to think that I’m a pretty darn great organized mess. I’ve been told I’m hilarious, talkative, and understanding – I like all of those characteristics so thanks!

I was asked where I’d go if I could get on an airplane tomorrow morning, and I said I’d be on the next flight to Bora Bora, Tahiti, although France, Italy, Greece, or Spain would be satisfying too. Honestly, my most favorite place in the world is ‘Mo Land’ (aka my own mind) – always available, always affordable, and no packing needed. If you keep reading, you’ll get to know more about the real Mo, and not just the work side at Xcite.

Here goes…

3 Things that Give Away What Era I'm From
3 Things about Mo
66 is my favorite number – it spells MO on the phone when leaving a pager message.
Ice, Ice, Baby is my first pick on karaoke night (but only if Christi is doing it with me).
I know what life was like before cable tv, live streaming, cell phones & social media.

My Work Experience

Work Experience
The Xcite Group where I am currently working with a great bunch of people.
Clearesult where I worked for the local power companies on energy efficiency programs implemented at the retail level in New Mexico and Illinois.
Gladson where I worked in Customer Service (with Christi from our Xcite team).
Temp agency where I performed background checks and placed people into jobs.
The Gap where I learned how to fold properly. No joke, there is a right and wrong way to fold.
Pizza place where I learned to wash dishes.
First job was at a bakery, where the manager was my future ex-mother in-law!
Tanning Salons where I could do my homework and work at the same time during college.

If I win the lottery I’d:

  1. Go scuba diving – maybe, but maybe not (since the ocean scares me; too many live things.)
  2. Start a Grow House with my Siberian Husky, and spend my days trimming, cutting leaves, and getting the bugs off of everything.
  3. Retire early.
  4. Oh, and I’d definitely pay off student loans (puttin the kid through college) and buy a house with a pool, a hot tub, and two cars.
  5. If I were still up for more, I’d crop hemp for paper use, instead of cutting trees down.
Seven Things Most People Don't Know About Me
Growing up I wanted to be a Criminal Lawyer, and I have a Degree in Sociology & Criminal Justice. So, I’m watchful…don’t f*** around.
My language abilities, outside of English, top out at ‘where’s the bathroom’ and ‘can I have a beer please’ in Spanish.
I’m an avid gamer (Xbox Call of Duty is #1 & video dance games too).
I don’t have a hidden talent, otherwise I’d be a millionaire.
I currently have over 30 Starbucks Christmas ornaments, and too many to count Bradford exchange music boxes – I prefer the term collecting, not hoarding.
My pet peeve is finding the toilet seat left up! I mean, really who does that? Is it so hard to close the lid?!
One of my hobbies is making TikTok videos.
Other Xciters Have This to Say About Mo!

Mo is an amazing person. It’s always great when she visits and graces us with her presence. I used to wish that I got to work with her more closely on a daily basis. But then she stole a White Elephant gift from me and it was only then I realized. . . she was my nemesis. Dun dun dunnnnnn!!!!!! JK. I still do wish we worked more closely together on a daily basis. OR DO I?!?! Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnnn!!!! No really. Mo is awesome! OR IS SH-. . . ok enough of that. Love ya Mo!


Mo is FANTASTIC to work for. She leads by example with her hard work & keeps things light with her with witty comments. And no one can rock the beanie cap year round the way Mo can!


I have really enjoyed working with Mo. She is always so helpful. It’s always fun to catch up on what’s going on in our lives.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mo for a number of years at both Xcite and the company I worked for prior. I’ve always been impressed by Mo’s ability to think outside the box to find solutions and to take whatever is thrown at her and turn it into something meaningful. She works hard, thinks logically and looks at the big picture to figure out how to do her job the best she can, but to also continue pushing to make it better.

I’ve also had the privilege of calling her a friend for far longer than I’ve worked with her. I can honestly say she is one of the funniest and most loyal people I’ve ever met. I feel extremely lucky to know her as a friend, mom, co-worker, teammate, classmate, etc. She’s truly an amazing person.

We Love You Mo! (Stay Tuned for Xcite's Next High Five!