Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design

Mobile phones haven’t just altered the way we live and communicate daily, they’ve shifted the way we think as a society. Consumers expect desired information to be available – on all devices and in context. The advancement of mobile devices in recent years have enabled people to make decision on the go and purchase. Mobile has become the new digital hub, as 37 percent of people use mostly mobile to access the internet with another 28 percent splitting time equally between their PC and mobile. Your website needs to have a solid mobile platform to enable customers on the go to easily and quickly find what they’re looking for when browsing your website on a mobiledevice.

The average person checks their phones 110 times a day andmore than 20 percent of Google searches are done using a mobile device, whichis why Google itself recommends webmasters to follow the “industry bestpractice of using responsive web design”. It can also increase conversion ratesin Search Engine Marketing campaigns. But most importantly, it gives the user abetter experience.

That’s why at The Xcite Group, we encourage all of ourcustomers to build responsive design websites. A responsive web design providesa fluid viewing experience across devices, allowing the same website to adaptto the screen they are on without compromising functionality or aesthetics.

When we build a responsive site, we literally write code byusing proportion-based grids, flexible images, and CSS media queries tellingthe site how to adapt at each possible screen size. So, as the browser windowshrinks, so does the site, re-prioritizing the content, images, and pieces ofthe website as deemed by the client. Whereas a large, beautiful homepage image slidermay be prominent on a desktop version of a website, it’s far less important ona mobile device. So, we may opt to remove the slider and move details morepertinent to a mobile user to the top of the screen.

During our initial meeting with each customer, we’ll discuss this hierarchy of what pieces move where, and even show how it will look duringthe website mockup phase so we’re all on the same page before coding.

Responsive web design sites are the only way to go. XciteMedia Group can build you a professional-looking, highly functional, responsivedesign website that will provide users a good experience while browsing your site, thus increasing the chance they’ll find what they’re looking for and convert into customers. Contact us today to discuss your new responsive web design site.