The Xcite Group offers a Digital Fitness Review, which begins with a deep analysis of the overall health of your digital marketing strategy and concludes with a comprehensive report outlining current performance. The report will present everything you need to know regarding the state of your website and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics, Pay-Per Click (PPC) performance, social presence and overall online visibility.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Does your website follow digital marketing best practices in terms of landing pages, calls-to-action, blogs and more?
  • Is your content optimized for your target audiences and search engines?
  • Is your on and off page SEO helping your organic visibility or are technical issues limiting performance?
  • Are you measuring the right metrics?
  • How is your PPC campaign really performing?
  • How is your social media’s reach, engagement, and content relevance?
  • Where are your biggest areas for ROI improvements?
  • How does your company rank in overall digital performance?
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REVIEWS – Can consumers trust your business?

Nothing has the power to bring in new customers like word of mouth, and many of today’s referrals come from online reviews. Consumers rely heavily on online reviews when making their buying decisions. About 85% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses and 90% of those claim that reading a positive review online will influence their buying decision.

Google and other search engines love reviews. They like them because they are relevant and user generated. For this reason, reviews are ranked well. The more reviews you get, the better the ranking. The reviews also provide fresh content concerning your business, which will keep you in the search rankings longer, and many times the reviews will have search engine-optimized keywords, which also help.

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SOCIAL – Do consumers like your business?

Establishing a social media presence in today’s digital environment requires a strategic plan that includes content, advertising implementation, and measurement.

By creating brand awareness on social channels that your audiences use multiple times every day, Your Business will stay top of mind with potential customers.  Our audit will provide you with a recap of your social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, along with some key foundational recommendations.

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ONLINE VISIBILITY- Can consumers find your business?

How you are viewed across your entire online presence is one of the most beneficial aspects in what is considered “off-page SEO.”  By having a consistent presence across databases, directories, review sites, and social sites, Google identifies you as an authority, improving your overall ability to be shown when a potential customer does a relevant search. 

The challenge is establishing that presence and ensuring the information stays accurate. The information in the digital fitness review report and outlines how your business is viewed across directories today.

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WEBSITE / SEO – Can consumers find you in search?

An SEO audit is an evaluation of page performance and how optimized your website is for search engines. Audits are a great way to reveal weaknesses and highlight strengths in your SEO strategy. At the end of an audit, you will be left with a comprehensive checklist of actions that you can take to improve your overall SEO health and increase performance.

Included you will find a list of Problems and Solutions to help guide you through the Website Audit performed by The Xcite Group.

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PAID SEARCH – How is your PPC campaign performing?

PPC advertising is an incredible opportunity to give your business a leg up by putting your brand and products in front of interested users who may never have found it otherwise. Unsurprisingly, it can be an extremely valuable tool for building brand awareness, generating leads, and driving conversions.

Make sure you are measuring the impact of your campaigns and find out how many people see your ads, the percentage of prospects who click on your ads and the amount of sales you’ve made as a direct result.