The Xcite Group offers cloud-based video content production and massive scale video production services, to bring high quality, low cost video production services to our clients – anywhere in North America.
Here is a sampling of some of our clients’ high quality video products including company profiles, customer testimonials and scripted ads to use on websites, social channels and as part of other marketing initiatives.

Viewing Category: Social Media Ads

Meet Will Social Media Ad

This is an animated video we created for a social media campaign we ran for ourselves advertising our capabilities to help you be successful in your social media ad campaigns.

Raft Masters Cinematic Trailer

This is a 15 second cinematic trailer type of ad created for Raft Masters Whitewater rafting to use in social media and YouTube campaigns.

Xcite Custom Websites Ad

This is a 20 second video ad that we used to promote our custom websites development on social media and YouTube.

Colorado Jeep Tours Craving Freedom Ad

This is a 30 second ad created for Colorado Jeep Tours to promote their tours on social media and YouTube.